Dusk is the most magical time of day—when the sky turns a beautiful, vibrant dark blue,
as human lights flick on to dance with the dusk infused sky; slowly fading to black.
Twenty minutes of wonder.

Ocean Drive South of 8th Street, South Beach
A Delicious Slice of Deco Architecture

I’m Steve. I am In Christ,
second, a trauma injury survivor,
and third (obviously), a photographer.
Expect all three.

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Lincoln Rd., West of Washington Ave., South Beach

Inbox - First Infrared Outings

Just got my new/used Nikon D5100 converted to Infrared Super Color (890nm) by Life Pixel – THE ONLY place to get your cameras converted – absolute pros. The converted a Nikon D70 for me in 2005, which bricked on me. Top two are from Soundscape Park just north of Lincoln Rd/Washington Avenue intersection. Yet another place of wonder in South Beach. The last three are Ocean Drive and Lummus Park.  I really have work to do getting used to this camera, but these 5 ain’t all that bad.

Ocean Drive/Lummus Park, South Beach
Lummus Park, South Beach
Soundscape Park, Miami Beach
Soundscape Park, Miami Beach
Lummus Park, South Beach

Some Favs

What is art?  I’m pretty sure we have a few examples of it present day, and through thousands of years.  Should that define what is done in the future?  For some, sure.  They are not however, boundaries.  I have studied the principles of composition and rely on them heavily, I also break them when I want.  The first photo is my personal best achievement.  It fits comfortably in the “rule of thirds”, the greatest of all composition rules, mostly because it’s the easiest.  The tic-tac-toe board on your phone when you use your camera is there to help you use the rule of thirds.

But there’s more, there is disruption, a sense of mystery while there is still symmetry hiding in the background.

Your mileage may vary, and that’s just fine. 

The model I hired for this shot… (That’s a joke).  The accuser central to this is Gustavo.  He would be on Lincoln Road often, especially on weekends.

I got to know him pretty well over time.

This is one of the 5 very first exposures of him; never saw him before this moment, another moment of wonder.

Washington Ave, South Beach

Miami Beach Holocaust Memorial

I freely admit that I am a prejudiced individual. Though not a Jew, I love and celebrate both (and especially) the Nation of Israel and the diaspora, wherever they may be. They are God’s chosen. They have survived every conquest through history. They were not obliterated by Germany, but rose from the ashes of those concentration camps to forming and establishing their nation, God’s nation. May they live in peace until He comes again.

Over the summer, I became very concerned about the violence Antifa and other groups were exacting on lawful authorities and innocent citizens alike.  I suddenly realized the tactics, though different from say, the Nazis (as well as other countries government authorities) used against those who would not toe their line. I watched every account of wars, in particular WWII I could get my hands on. The shock and horror explained in many of these shook me to the core. In particular, what Hitler did to the Jews especially, but also other non Arian races, the physically and mentally handicapped.  I now have a new (used) Nikon 5200 DSLR, and a new (used) Nikon D5100 super color (590nm) infrared from Life Pixel. One of my first projects was to go back to this stunning memorial and begin recapturing it with a different lense (so-to-speak). This is the best of what I have so far.

  • Miami Beach Holocaust Memorial

Architectural Wonder

 I’ve always had a hankerin’ for the beauty and wonder architecture offers in the urban setting.I enjoy working with abstracts more than head-to-toe shots. Shot mostly in Brickell, just south of Downtown Miami with one just north of Downtown Miami west of the Adrian Arsht Center.

Architectural Abstract, Brickell/Miami-Dade
Architectural Abstract - Downtown Miami
Architectural Abstract - Brickell, Miami-Dade


In the deep recesses of my mind (a place NO ONE wants to go…) there are certain things that catch my eye. A “THERE IT IS” kind of moment. Juxtaposition is probably most prized by my ADHD monkey brain.  I use the term monkey brain to mean its most broadly understood meaning, the concious human mind.

Once and a while, you’ll see one and it stays in place for you. The first example here came in a matter of a couple seconds, then it was gone.  I spotted the cab coming my way on Ocean Drive, noticed the ad on the top and my brain just kicked in.  I was shooting one of the South Beach Street preachers, my camera nearly came to my eye without my intervention… one quick focus and got 3 exposures as it passed.  Timing and good luck; the last shot was it.

This though rare, is a prized accomplishment.

 Keep your eyes open, and keep that right hand on the camera grip people, you just never know.