Trigger warning of a different kind: don't watch this if you're on Hallucinogenics

Collins Ave. and Lincoln Rd. - Inside Out, South Beach

Invisible Light

In the early stages of my digital age, I had a Nikon D70 which was half the sensor of my other camera, so I wanted to do something with it; sell it, or whatever.  I was intrigued by the artistic possibilities outside the traditional bounds of visible light photography.  Whereas most owners of an infrared converted cameras focus on fauna vs. flora vs. sky vs. water, etc. as these are the things cherished by that lot.  Lots of landscape stuff.  Not my sweet spot.  Second row right is an example of a very standard IR photo conversion.

As I alluded earlier, I like to experiment with all kinds of artistic treatments. Sometimes I play with a photo for hours, adding effects layers and blending modes… etcetera, sometimes I’m done in 5 -10 minutes. I take a LOT of license with most of my infrared work, I like to slap it in a frying pan and add some spice not contained in the original.

Kerfuffle - Street Preachers of South Beach

Welcome to my affair with (as I call them) Street Preachers of South Beach.  A troupe who’s focus on local college campuses shifted to South Beach for a summer.  I lived on Sobe at the time, so it was a simple 6 blocks to get to their usual town square at Ocean and 8th, Lummus Park side.  On this day, they decided to march to a gay bar a few blocks north.  They stayed in Lummus park across from the bar. I suppose as not to be the aggressor, which they weren’t, aside from the shouts of “You’re going to hell”, things in that vain.  No Physical aggression, though it was a lively skirmish of ideas. 

Dissent - OAS Protest

The Organization of American States met in Ft. Lauderdale, and there was a fairly good representation of the usual suspects.  It started with a march of probably 6-10 blocks to the “Free Speech Zone” which consisted of a very large “pen” fenced off with a single large entry/exit. Oh how I miss the good old days!