Espanola Way Courtyard, South Beach

Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign

Is this even a thing?  Am I wasting everyone’s time here?  Mine included?  Whatever.  

Dissent - Gush Katif Protest

This is actually 2 mostly peaceful gatherings. There was no marching, just a lot of signs by some deeply concerned folks and dancing. 
And prayer, that’s another block.


‘Nuf said?

Spire - Tiffany - South Beach, Collins Avenue
Spire - Essex House - Collins Avenue - South Beach
Spire - Tiffany - Collins Avenue - South Beach

Repent - Damning

Hellfire and damnation.  Your going to hell.  I heard that a lot from the Street Preachers of South Beach.  Not directed at me, but at the passers-by.  Once a couple was walking by them after a visit on the beach.  The index finger comes out aimed at the man “Your girlfriend is dressed like a whore, you’re both going to hell”.  I find that offensive, and would give up much for their right to say it.

If one walked into just about any church from the 1800’s through the early part of the 20th Century, you would have been assured that you are going to hell.  Hellfire and damnation has a long history.  Jesus spoke of hell many times, often aimed at the Jewish religious leaders of his time.  He once called a group of Pharisees “whitewashed graves”… ouch!

We now live in a time the founders could not imagine—where the largest town squares are built upon ones and zeros.  A place where speech takes place in front of everyone.  Well, so long as your speech doesn’t speak against corporate values.  Hate speech, to put it succinctly.  Alas, they have every right to do so as a private entity. 

The First Amendment to the Constitution was written in part to guarantee the right of hate speech.  It covers the most vile comments, the most offensive art forms, the most hate filled writings you might imagine.  The first amendment gives me the right to stand on any slice of public land and take any picture for any reason, or no reason at all.  That makes it kind of important to me…  So…

The big question is, for how long.